My kinda cat

not a really fan of cats, but if i ever have one, it should be at least like one of these :)
(which is unlikely to ever exist)


Brillington & brothers

My husband and his partner are passionate about teaching gentlemen to dress well.
That was why they made brillington & brothers - tailors and consultant, as a media to make people get back to the essence of dressing oneself well.

Seeing people forgetting to take care of themselves and to wear something not appropriate for their office because of the busy schedules, traffic and to have it also experienced by them; my husband and partner decided to take part of "fixing" this generation idea of being a proper gentleman.

Started from accepting orders for bespoke (custom) suit, and on progress with other brothers creating casual wear, and completing gentleman's accessories from shoes, watch, etc.

Do check out their journey on http://growingupboys.tumblr.com/

me for kinderplay

Did some graphics for project "7 bulanan" with kinderplay.

Kinderplays is a party planner for mom & kids, that provides various thematic design especially for your party's dessert table.
And for their ideas & creativity, i can see that they're growing bigger. All those colors, sweets, party supplies and all .. Don't you wanna book them also for your party?

Check them out : http://www.kinderplays.blogspot.com/


bye bye soon wabbit :)


sending this one wabbit to accompany my good friend
when he goes back to melbourne

looking forward to getting a picture of both of them having picnic at the park there :D


Lunch Lady!

please check out my finally launched website.

I'm selling momma's cooking, spreading her love for food lovers.
Mainly selling baked potatoes, and also macaroni and caramel pudding.

do order from me!