odretauk & oktopo for seventeen mag :)

so happy
me & my bf''s illustration are finally printed
on seventeen "August" edition
it was a simple task
but i'm still super happy about it
hope to get more chance to do more of illustration
thanks to nanini mamonto my dear friend for this opportunity :D

sorry for the bad pictures
too lazy to scan it . haha


Coming Soon 3637!

this is on progress logo / illustration
for 3637
me and my friend gonna sell cute and pretty shoes
with size 36 and 37 only
for petite girls (like us!)
The reason is because we are often troubled searching
for cute shoes our size.

so please look forward to our stuff starting next month! (hopefully)
oh and if ure not size 36/37, we can also accept order by request only.
btw check out my partner website
she's an illustrator too :)