i love holiday~

i just love holiday~
went to singapore with indah for 2 days
but it was fun fun!


Lucky girl

i'm a super duper lucky girl

thanks God for being so kind to me

now i know wat to choose



friendship-illustration by me

celebrity not!

Thank God i'm not a celebrity
i guess God won't let me be one anyway!

cause there's one girl in my office
she totally adores me!
and she's started to get annoying
keeps looking at me, keeps following me everywhere
and i often caught her looking at my computer
reading wat i'm reading, laughing at wat i'm laughing
it's like i have no privacy!

and i started to treat her badly
don't blame me for being like that

the end.


girls just can't keep their own secret?

so funny that most of the times, girls just can't shut their mouth.
even if it's something bout themselves.

like they have an affair,
they will at least tell 1 or more people about it,
or give clues by writing poems, show some pictures, bla bla bla.

or if people tell them secret, 
at least they gonna share it with someone.

does "we can't keep a secret" exist in our dna?

that means a girl can't trust herself 
and from now on, Girls, stop sharing secret with urself!

this started to sound stupid.


ctrl alt del for problems!

i realize that i'mm started to forget facts, things, name, etc

it's scary!

and it's even more scary when i keep trying to figure out the name of some simple things

an i still can't remember it.

i used to be very proud of how good i am in memorizing things.


hatred breeds more hatred.

and hatred makes u do things u're not supposed to do.

and when u do things that u're not supposed to do, u become ugly to other people.



i like to be funny and make people laugh
because being funny makes people happy
and they will make other people happy
by being funny and make them laugh


face licker

working people may look like grown ups

but some/ most of them are babies

they make people clean up their shit



heart detector

a person who can lie to him/herself is lonely and in pain